Top 20 Places To Visit In Greece - 4K Travel Guide

Greece has to be one of my all-time favorite countries it's. home to the world's most beautiful beaches the clearest water you've ever seen and fascinating. history. With greece now open to tourism it may be one of the best places. to travel this year. i mean just looking at this footage makes me want to buy a plane ticket and go there now milos is definitely one of first places i. want toTravel this summer after milos we're going to head back to the mainland. to visit the medieval monasteries of meteora. now after the massive vicos gorge we're gonna head over to the island of marathon easy. i was lucky enough to go here a few years ago when i got there i was just amazed. by the architecture of thesemonasteries they are perched perfectly on the cliff edge and. you wonder how people could have built these in the medieval times monks and nuns currently live in the six surviving monasteried the largest one is the monastery of greaton. i decided to get a view from the cliffs above the view on top is just as good if not better i mean there's just no other place like it. in the world now while we're still into kintos we'll head to the southern side to visit the small island of Marathonisi. i didn't have an international driver's license so they still let us rent a boat so me and my buddy george rented. one for about a hundred and forty dollars and we took off to explore the island. i'll link to this footage from his channel here and many other places he'll link with his channel below in the description in the video below now viko's viko gorge is one of the most impressive features in the country it holds the world record for being the deepest to relative to being its width being over 490 meters in some sections of the gorge. it's just such a cool little spot to enjoy the greek sun and the mediterranean sea and i couldn't recommend it more after. that kinto's is sarika niko beach it's a unique beach made of lava that has been. bleached by the sun and sea another really cool beach on the island is tisi. garado beach it has these massive white. cliffs and we spent the rest of the day there it was one of his. favorite activities that i've ever done in greecé and i can't recommend it more after the island of marathon easy. i was just baffled by the size. of the cliff walls i've never seen anything like it after checking out the beach. i decided out the beach on the island of marathon easy and i can't wait to go back to visit it again. i'm just so happy to be back in greece and i've spent the last few summers exploring. the wonderful country of greeces and i want to show you my favorite places so. here's my grease top 20.  thanks to. my friend victor poznov for helping me out here and i'll link to his channel in the video below his channel in the description in the video below in the description of the video i will link to his channel in the next few months of his traveling around the world. i've also been to the city of konitsa it lies at the base of the massive kronitsa mountains and it's at the base of the mountains and there are lots of charming little towns as well as a charming little town near the  base of konits akshaya a. I've been to the city of Marathon easy where you'll be able to get an incredible panoramic views of the city and you'll  be able to get an  viewpoint of the view from a viewpoint you'll get near the city. i haven't been to this part of the world yet but i'm looking forward to going back to see more of the country. i have a lot of great places to visit in the future and i'm excited to see how the country has changed over the past few years. i hope you'll join me on my next trip to visit some of the places i've visited. i love the country's most stunning locations.  i've always been impressed by the beauty of the Greek islands. I have the country's history and the amazing people who have made it a part of my life. I'm one of the most beautiful places to live in my favorite places in the past five years. I can't wait to go back and visit the island to see some of these amazing places.