Top 10 Places in PUERTO RICO

Puerto rico's natural beauty comes in the form of a lush rainforest in the island's most famous national park hike through the mist under giant green canopies of the luquillo mountains. Playa flamenco is frequently cited as one of the world's best beaches the name of the beach comes from the flamingos that spend the winter in a nearby lagoon visit on a weekday when the beach is the least crowded this beach has virtually no waves making it. ideal for snorkeling swimming relaxing playing in the sand or simply lying on the beach. The word rincon means nook in spanish and there are also south side of town beaches that are also great for swimming and relaxing with a picnic or a solo escape. The island's west coast is also popular for humpback whale watching trips from mid-january to mid-March. Don't miss porto. mosquito bioluminescent bay on a trip to puerto rican don't miss this incredible once in. a lifetime site the shallow depth of the water high temperature low circulation and high. nutrients all contribute to the glowing waters of puerto Rico's three biolominescent base. The city of San Juan is listed as a unesco world heritage site so you really can't go wrong the famous umbrella street can be found on calais de la fortaleza before continuing down the. street towards the blue mansion. The town of castilian is hugely popular with visitors and gets the nickname gringo gringo by the locals but the waves swell to huge proportions but locals also call it gringo rican. It's also home to the famous castilian town where you can find authentic spanish food and great bars and restaurants within walking distance of the beaches. The most popular beach in the town is called pina colada which is located about 17 miles off the east coast of the island and is known for its pristine white sand beaches and sparkling crystalline waters. It also contains alyunkay's 3. 500 foot peak the 85 foot tall lakoca falls and much more. The forest has the ideal climate for exuberant tropical vegetation the rainforest is noted for. its biodiversity it's home to thousands of native plants including 150 fern species and 240 tree species scientists and historians estimate that the puert rican parrot amazona vitata has lived. in this forest for well over a thousand years the size of the parrot population dwindled in direct proportion to the conversion of forested land to cities and farms and in so doing the parrots' only habitat was almost eradicated along with its stunning beaches. There is also a great chance to see the famous San Juan River which is a popular tourist attraction and a great place to stop for a drink and a bite to eat. The best way to explore the city is to walk the twisting. cobblestone streets of old san juan to find grand pastel colonial architecture from the 16th. and 17th centuries and old spanish military forts. There are also a number of great restaurants and bars within walkingdistance of the city including the famous Castilian town of  San Juan and the San Juan de los Caballos. There's also the chance to take in the sights of the town of San Germán which is known as the most beautiful city in the world and is home to many of the country's most beautiful nightlife and nightlife venues including the Plaza de Armas and the Hotel de Aransas. It is also the home of the famous surfing hotspots such as the beach known as Rincon which is also known as "the most popular surfing spot in the city" and the beach called "the beach with the most amazing waves" the beach also has a great sunset to relax on the other side of the  island. The  island's south coast is known by locals for its sandy beaches and is a great spot for a romantic getaway or a romantic escape or for a solo solo escape or a picnic with a romantic picnic or solo picnic. You can also take a stroll along the coast of  the west coast of west  coast off puerto rico's west island of the west coast of the island's  south side of west coast and the island  of San Germain  is known  for its white sand beach and its stunning crystal-clear waters. You  can also go for a ride on the  most famous  island of  La Guardia and the island of San Sebastián is known as "the island with the best views of the Pacific Ocean and the  best nightlife that can be seen from the  north and east side of  the  island of San Sebastian.