14 Best States to Visit in the USA - Travel Video

The United States is a kaleidoscope of Cosmopolitan City's Rich cultures and enchanting Landscapes catering for everything from city breaks to longer Escapes in nature. Each state has its own individual character experience the Wilderness in Alaska taste Fine Wines in California. Tick off bucket list sites in New York state whether you're looking to embrace. the beauty of its national parks enjoy the Thrills and Spills of an amusement park. or simply relax on sun-splashed beaches there's an American state with your name on it [Music] number 14. Virginia as it was the first state. to be settled in 1607 Virginia has a rich history and Heritage for visitors to delve into while countless Revolutionary War and Civil War sites are scattered across its territory. number 13. Utah with five national parks 43 state parks and vast areas of. breathtaking Wilderness Utah is one of the most popular states in the country for tourism. along with what is recognized as the best snow on Earth visitors to Utah are also able to enjoy outdoor recreation Scenic Vistas and world-class shopping and dining thanks to. Utah's ideal location. number eleven South Carolina the gorgeous. state of South Carolina lies alongside the Atlantic Ocean and is tucked away between North. Carolina and Georgia within its borders you will find stunning beaches national forests thriving cities. traditional Villages and plenty of Southern Charm Coastal destinations are a top pick for many. number 10 Washington when you're touring America Washington is as good a place to start as. any it's been nicknamed The Evergreen State because of its abundance of rich green forests. particularly found around Seattle the Emerald City Split in Two by the Cascade Mountains Washington. state has volcanoes and idyllic Islands to one side and Coastal forests farmlands and. hundreds of wineries on the other the North Cascades are a beauty to discover with. its steep mountains and crisp freshwater lakes perfect for outdoorsy Travelers. number nine Wyoming tucked away in the rugged mountains of the western United States. Wyoming is both wild and wonderful despite its large size it's loved for its soaring. temperatures country music and famous Texan barbecues known as the Lone Star State Texas still. feels different from the rest of the USA don't leave without taking a stroll along. the San Antonio Riverwalk with its art galleries and restaurants for a little history visit. the Alamo historical Fort that played a role in the 1835 Texan Independence war against Mexico thank you foreign [Music) thank you. [ music] number six Alaska is an astonishing place home to thousands of rivers and glaciers and astonishing glaciers and is home to a wealth of excellent skateorts like Aspen and Vale Vale. Colorado known as Centennial state is the highest elevated state in the United States one the mountain states it's characterized by the majority of dense forests and deep canyons and gorgeous Meandering Rivers while the capital of Denver is also worth a visit with its breweries and nightlife scene but one of main reasons to visit. [music] thank you [Music]. [ music: "The U.S. is a great place to visit"  "The American Dream"   "The American Heart" "America's Newest State" "America's Most Beautiful State" "The America's Most Wonderful State""The America that Never Sleeps" "The United State of America" "It's not just about the cities, it's about the people" "There's a lot more to the American Dream than just the cities and the places that make up the American Heart and the American Spirit"  "It's also about the culture, the history, the culture and the people that make it so special" "America is a place that is so much more than the "American Dream" and "the America that never sleeps"  "This is the America that "never sleeps" "This America's most beautiful state is "the United States of America." "The USA's most spectacular state" "I'm going to tell you what it's like to be a part of it" "You're going to see some of the world's most amazing things in the next few years" "What's the most amazing thing to happen to you in the future" "That's the America you'll be able to do in the "America that " you'll never get to see in the coming years"  and "you'll get to know in the years to come " "You'll get the chance to be part of the "Greatest State of the American Revolution" "When it's time to take a break from the "greatest state of the World" "Where are you going to be the one that makes you feel like you're part of a great American Dream"? "I've been there"  "I'll never forget"